Community Education

As an eating disorders specialist, Dr. Bello is committed to increasing awareness of eating disorders and related concerns in the community. Dr. Bello is available to consult regarding your specific needs or to present to your school or organization to aid in promoting a culture that supports development of healthy self-esteem, positive body image, and healthy eating patterns.

Dr. Bello’s lecture was one of the most highly attended PTC parent forums in years! She delivered important information carefully and with grace, and her engaging style got the audience involved.
— Julie Purrington, Co-President, Broadmeadow PTC



Consultation can be invaluable in helping families and organizations determine their needs in addressing concerns about a individual/minor, team, group or community.

Parents - Perhaps you wonder if you should be concerned or you feel you could benefit from straightforward information and guidance in addressing identified issues.  A consultation can help you determine the appropriate next steps about a concern for your child. 

Guidance and School Administrators - Consultations can help staff develop and foster body-positive communities, learn how to identify vulnerable populations and appropriately support these students.

Athletic Departments - Student athletes are an at-risk population more vulnerable to eating disorders. Consultations can help department administrators, coaches, trainers and other staff learn how to identify student-athletes that need support and intervention and develop protocol and strategies for addressing eating disorders and body image concerns in their schools. 



Dr. Bello conducts educational presentations and facilitates workshops on the topic of body image, eating disorders, and self-esteem.  Contact Dr. Bello to determine the presentation or workshop that will best fit your needs. 

Possible presentations include:

  • Identifying Eating Disorders in Vulnerable Populations
  • Fostering Healthy Body Image in a Body Shaming World
  • Body Image and Eating Disorders: Developing Realistic Body Image in an Unrealistic World
  • Eating Disorders and Athletes: Aiming for Health and Peak Performance 
  • Empowering Young Girls